News Investment in DIMAAG-AI, Inc.

OMRON Ventures Co., Ltd. (CEO: Tomoko Inoue) is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in DIMAAG-AI, Inc.(headquartered in Sunnyvale, USA), provider of advanced self-healing AI platform, products, and solutions for multiple industries. DIMAAG-AI features end-to-end cloud and edge solutions comprising Data Cleansing, Explainable AI Models, and Real-Time Self-Healing AI Life Cycle Management.

Through this investment, Omron Ventures aims to unlock the hurdles in the successful adoption of AI transformation in various industries. Since DIMAAG-AI has achieved tremendous cost savings because of increase in machine efficiency, business productivity, and improved machine uptime in diverse industries, we also expect to create value together in a wide range of fields other than the manufacturing industry.

DIMAAG-AI, Inc. Company Profile

Company Name DIMAAG-AI, Inc.
CEO Satish Padmanabhan
Location Sunnyvale, USA
Founding date 2018
Business description Development advanced self-healing AI platform, products, and solutions.