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OKAO Vision

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"OKAO Vision" Face Sensing Technology

Visual information plays a significant role in face-to-face communication. Clearly, communication between people and machines would be more comfortable if a machine could understand people visually in much the same way as people do. "OKAO Vision," which stands for "face vision" in Japanese, is the collection of OMRON's cutting edge technologies in this area. By visually sensing and extracting useful information from face images, OMRON aims to provide various kinds of services optimized for each individual. These services will match their interfaces and contents to user's capabilities, preferences, condition, attributes, and applicability.

OKAO Vision

OKAO Vision is mainly composed by technologies as follows.

Face Detection:
Localizing multiple faces in target images quickly and accurately.
Facial Feature Extraction:
Extracting feature position (e.g. eyebrow, eye, nose, mouth and face contour) in target face exactly.
Face Recognition:
Recognizing a person by comparing his/her face with faces registered in database.
Facial Attribute Estimation:
Estimating attributes of person such as gender, age and ethnicity with facial image.
Automatic Optimum Facial Picture Adjustment:
Adjusting the skin color of face images automatically to look more beautiful easily.

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