Equal Employment Opportunities and Diversity at Work

Female Employee's Activity Support

Promoting empowerment of women globally

"Respect for all" is one of Our Values in the OMRON Principles. As such, OMRON believes that it is vital to motivate all employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities without regard to gender, nationality, or other non-performance-related attributes in order to achieve both individual development and development of the company.

Aware of the importance of providing female workers with rewarding and motivational work, OMRON set up a dedicated department to accelerate the empowerment of women at work.

Although this activity is being promoted across the global OMRON Group, the empowerment of women in the workplace is a particularly important issue for Japan among all developed countries. Therefore, OMRON, as the first step, is focusing its efforts on improving working conditions so that women working at OMRON offices in Japan can take on more responsible roles in the workplace.

Setting targets to increase women in positions of responsibility

OMRON has been committed to recruiting a variety of talented people without regard to gender, while also striving to establish a working environment that can let them put their capabilities to fullest use in the workplace.

OMRON implements various measures to further empower women in the workplace. Examples include a female leader training program targeting mid-career and assistant manager-class employees, as well as the creation of guidelines to help employees achieve work-life balance. Moreover, female employees have been encouraged to build and expand a human network, and have been given opportunities for self-study and development through participation in seminars, workshops, and information exchange meetings organized at each site.

As a result of these efforts, the number of female leaders has gradually risen across the OMRON Group. As of April 2015, 313 women were in assistant-manager positions for the OMRON Group as a whole. However, female managers (managerial or upper-level positions or with specialist status) numbered 30, or 1.9% of managers. OMRON plans to employ several female executives and increase the percentage of female managers to 3% by the end of fiscal 2016, and to 5% by the end of fiscal 2018.

Going forward, OMRON will continue to develop a workplace environment in which female employees can continue working even after experiencing important life events such as marriage and childbirth. OMRON will also cultivate a corporate culture that makes it no longer special for all highly motivated employees have equal opportunities to assume leading roles at work. By setting numerical targets, OMRON will also promote initiatives intended to encourage female employee working at OMRON to fully demonstrate their capabilities, so they can better contribute to raising OMRON's corporate value.

Number and percentage of female managers in the OMRON Group in Japan

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Promoting employment of people with disabilities

In conformance with the OMRON Principles, OMRON Corporation respects diversity at work. As part of this drive, OMRON Corporation is working to offer more job opportunities for persons with disabilities.

As of June 2014, the percentage of employees with disabilities was 3.42%, which is above the legally mandated level of 2.0%. This level includes employees at special subsidiaries charged with providing particular considerations for employees with disabilities. The average disabled employee ratio at OMRON Corporation and 24 Group companies in Japan was 2.45% as of June 2014, which is among the highest for the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Going forward, OMRON will continue to promote the employment of persons with disabilities and empower them in their work. This will help make diversity in the workplace a key engine for the OMRON Group's growth, while at the same time allowing the Group to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities (in Japan)

Acquiring designation as a company committed to the employment of disabled persons

At the Kyoto Work Fair for Persons with Disabilities for 2014, OMRON was designated as a company especially committed to the employment of disabled persons in Kyoto. Organized by the Kyoto Prefecture, this initiative was established for the purpose of widely promoting the employment of persons with disabilities, and strengthening awareness of this need by recognizing companies that are especially active in hiring persons with disabilities. The achievement of this designation was a recognition of OMRON's continuing maintenance of a disabled employee ratio (including special subsidiaries) exceeding 3.0%.

Post-retirement Re-employment System

Re-employment system for retirees

The amended law concerning stabilization of employment of older persons that came into effect in 2013 requires corporations to keep employees on the payroll until they reach the age of 65.

Although the retirement age of the employees of OMRON Corporation and OMRON Group companies in Japan is 60, OMRON Corporation introduced a re-employment system for retirees (called the "Elder Partner Program") in fiscal 2001. Targeting all retirees as a basic rule, this system is intended to provide eligible persons who meet requirements with a working opportunity by directly concluding re-employment agreements.

A re-employment system for retirees has also been introduced at all Group companies in Japan, securing jobs for employees up to age 65 under the conditions required by the continual employment system specified under the revised law.

To encourage those who have reached a retirement age of 60 to continue making maximum use of the knowledge and experience they have developed even after retirement, OMRON launched an interview with retirees about targets and results in fiscal 2015.

OMRON will continue to implement initiatives aimed at empowering those over 60 to persist in playing leading roles in the workplace through re-employment, allowing them to continue enjoying fulfillment at work.

[17 OMRON Group companies in Japan equipped with a re-employment system]

(as of April 1, 2012)

OMRON Relay and Devices Corporation; OMRON Amusement Co., Ltd.; OMRON Aso Co., Ltd.; OMRON Switch & Devices Corporation; OMRON Sanyo Co., Ltd.; OMRON Iida Co., Ltd.; OMRON Nohgata Co., Ltd.; OMRON Software Co., Ltd.; OMRON Laserfront Inc.; OMRON Field Engineering Co., Ltd.; OMRON Colin Co., Ltd.; OMRON Precision Technology Co., Ltd.; OMRON Business Associates Co., Ltd.; and OMRON Personnel Service Co., Ltd.;OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.; OMRON Social Solutions Co., Ltd.; OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.