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Corporate Information

Location Lot 15 , Jalan SS 8/5 Sungei Way Free Industrial Zone , 47300 Petaling Jaya , Selangor , Malaysia
Name and position of company representative Norzri Elias, Technical Vice Divison Manager
Total number of employees 797persons (as of the end of March 2010)
Number of full-time employees 797persons (as of the end of March 2010)
Main business
(main products)
Manufacturing of Relays ,Parts and Die
Scale Site area21,450m²
Total floor space46,200m²

Message from top executive

FY09 result on Environmental is generally average , our Electricity consumption per unit is increase , relay disposal ( under minimize waste ) also quite high as well as our scrap waste reduction thru molding process ( hot runner ) also delay due to quality issue , Since FY2010 environmental requirement is become severe and severe from market as well as from Omron group, thus we will focus on supplier control for their material beside internal process control , while for Electricity and water ..QA and Facility section will co-work for the continous reduction activity , ESH section will focus on waste management control ,thus with this integration activity we hope the FY 2010 will be better than previous time

Site Environmental Policy

We, Omron Malaysia, which is being the manufacturer of relays, sockets and parts thereof, one of the pioneers in this Sungei Way Free Industrial Zone, are committed to take the initiative in environmental protection and strive to make continuous improvement in our efforts:

  1. To comply with all applicable environmental laws & regulations and other requirements to which the organization pursues.
  2. At source, to prevent pollution, minimize waste, reduce the consumption of resources, promote energy saving and use environmental friendly material.
  3. To substitute material with consideration to reduce environmental load.
  4. To periodically review the environmental objectives and targets with an aim to improve our environmental performance continuously.
  5. To promote environmental awareness to all levels of the organization through training, media of communication and awareness programme.

ISO14001 certification status

Certification number ER 140
Name of certifying institution SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd
Initial certification date 1998.12.18
Expiration date 2010.12.17

Environmental activity targets and actual results

Activity theme FY2009 target FY2009 results FY2010 target
Saving energy (electricity, fuels, gas) 21133924kWh 18081112kWh 20884085kWh
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions other than CO2 8284.5t-CO2 7087.8t-CO2 8186.5t-CO2
Waste recycling 42.7 ton/100MJPY 37.8 ton/100MJPY 35.4 ton/100MJPY
Saving (OA paper resources) 4061.5 kg 3033.5 kg 4368 kg

Environmental training for employees

Type of training
(e.g., general employee or management-level training at EMS)
Number of trainees
1) New employee training 424persons
2) General employee training 65persons
3) Manager training 23persons
4) Specialized training for competence (e.g., handling chemicals and other substances, training for environmental facility and equipment-handling employees) Nil
5) Internal environment auditor training (No. of new auditor trainees) 15persons
6) Environmental impact assessor training (No. of new auditor trainees)  
7) Product environmental assessment reviewer training (No. of new auditor trainees)  

Performance Data

Classification 2007 2008 2009
disposed 9,711.02 8,069.78 7,089.25

(Unite: ton)

Amount of waste discharged, amount of resources actually recycled, and final amount of disposed waste
Classification 2007 2008 2009
discharged 1,243.29 1,141.96 1,001.21
recycled 1,204.49 1,141.96 1,001.21
disposed 0.00 0.00 0.00

(Unite: ton)

Water used / Waste water discharge
Classification 2007 2008 2009
Amount used 6.45 5.19 4.70
Amount discharged 6.45 5.19 4.70


Amount of paper used
Classification 2007 2008 2009
Amount used 19.46 14.29 3.03

(Unite: ton)

Contact information

Department name:
Quality Assurance

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