Energy Management

A brighter future for the Earth

A stable, low-cost supply of clean energy is required to ensure accessibility for anyone, anywhere. To combat climate change caused by increasing carbon dioxide emissions, it is essential to increase the percentage of renewable energy to all energy sources in use throughout the world. While various projects are underway to meet this requirement, technology to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy generation and usage is essential.

From the perspective of OMRON …

What OMRON can do for future energy consumption

Contribution to energy efficiency maximization

Sensing & Control + Think

Incorporating human knowledge into machines to evolve
Sensors and controllers
that can think for themselves

Challenges OMRON has begun to address

Lifecycle support for solar infrastructure
Failure monitoring/inspection service for photovoltaic systems, and power generation efficiency maintenance/recovery service
Power control combining photovoltaic systems and battery storage
Providing devices and services to aggregators that collect and integrate power generated at PV systems dispersed at various locations, supplying the power that users need

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

Promoting the spread of solar energy and other renewable energy will help create a sustainable society in which people can continue to live comfortable lives without placing a strain on the global environment.

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

FY2020 Goals

  • Cumulative shipped capacity of PV/storage battery systems: 11.2GW (Contribution to generate more renewable energy)
  • Build the energy resource aggregation business using solar pv/storage systems (Japan)