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Improving lives and making society a more comfortable place to live in

Maximizing energy efficiency for sustainable growth

Is greater convenience making higher electricity bills a problem?

A hot summer in Asia—when you come home, a cold drink in the fridge awaits you. Even in the hot night when it would be hard to sleep, air-conditioning allows you to comfortably fall asleep. We are surrounded by a variety of products that make our lifestyles more comfortable and convenient. As factories make more and more products designed for convenient living, the amount of energy used in factories is also on the rise. Whether at home or in production sites, there could be no end to worries about high electricity costs.

Although Thailand has been enjoying continuous economic growth, the nation relies on imports from neighboring countries for 90% of its power supply. This has resulted in higher electricity charges among ASEAN countries, which in turn is heavily impacting household finances and becoming a constraint for the nation's economic growth. To cope with these problems, there are increasing activities to use energy more efficiently. Ongoing initiatives include the effective generation of renewable energy and reduction of energy consumption at factories. Used in many countries around the world, OMRON technologies enable efficient generation and usage of energy. We believe that these technologies will help bring electricity costs down, thereby contributing to sustainable development of Thai society.

Keeping household electricity bills as low as possible

Generating electricity we use on our own and selling the remaining amount of electricity to a utility company—if we can do this, we will no longer have to worry about electricity bills, even as we enjoy comfort and convenience.

OMRON has developed a photovoltaic inverter for solar power generation systems by drawing on our expertise in sensing and control. The PV inverter is designed to convert DC power generated by solar panels into AC power usable at home. OMRON PV inverters enjoy a great deal of popularity in Japan, with a cumulative production quantity exceeding 1 million. This makes OMRON the leader in the residential PV inverter market in Japan, making a considerable contribution to the increasing prevalence of renewable energy.

Aiming to reduce energy costs at manufacturing sites

OMRON technology has not only proved beneficial to family households, but has also helped reduce energy usage at manufacturing sites. For OMRON as a manufacturer, reducing energy consumption at its own factories is one of the biggest challenges. At OMRON factories, we consider energy consumption to be a part of our manufacturing costs, and have succeeded in efficiently reducing energy usage. Specifically, we made the amount of energy consumed on the factory floor instantly visible to the entire factory staff, so that all workers can check out each machine's data and contribute energy-saving ideas. This has enabled continuing improvements in the efficiency of energy usage, for instance by cutting the use of electricity while no products are being manufactured. These and other contributed ideas have allowed us to reduce the amount of electricity used for production by 19.4% in two years, without compromising productivity. The energy-saving efforts of OMRON factories are highly recognized in Japan, including the company's winning of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in the Energy Conservation Grand Prix program.* OMRON's energy visualization technology for efficient use, supported by our experience at our own factories, remains active in promoting energy conservation for manufacturing sites of our customers worldwide.

To make more efficient and effective use of electricity

For worry-free everyday use of electricity at home, and for building factories that consume less energy for production, OMRON will continue to develop new technologies and offer new solutions.

To improve people's lives …
Machines can do much more to unleash human potential.

* Read more about OMRON's winning of the METI Minister's Prize in the Energy Conservation Grand Prix Program at Here

Through automation, OMRON aims to create more than just convenience. We want to make more people smile and more dreams come true, all with the power of technology. Take this ping-pong robot, a symbol of our sensing and control expertise. It returns any ball to the spot that's easiest for you to hit, allowing anyone to experience longer rallies.
We believe that advances in automation will make the impossible a reality and take us to new heights of happiness and fulfillment.

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  • A factory run by challenged people—maximizing diversity in manufacturing

    A factory run by challenged people—maximizing diversity in manufacturing

    OMRON Kyoto Taiyo was founded 30 years ago, when it was difficult for challenged people to find a job. The company's mission was to provide challenged people with work opportunities that could help them enjoy more rewarding lives. The factory's efforts at creating a workplace environment tailored to each worker's needs and potential have led to optimal diversity in manufacturing.

  • Artificial Intelligence breathes life into digital sardines

    Artificial Intelligence breathes life into "digital sardines"

    Sardines live in large groups to protect themselves from predator fish. Within the group, they move about using unspoken rules of behavior. Observing this shoal of sardines, OMRON researchers realized that the technology pursued by OMRON would also require following the laws of nature. Why did OMRON develop "digital sardines?" And what kind of future will this technology bring about? Here are some answers to these questions.

  • World trends have finally caught up to manufacturing in Japan

    World trends have finally caught up to manufacturing in Japan

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  • Machine safeguards ensure that all workers return home with a smile every day

    Machine Safety ensure that all workers return home with a smile every day

    We are committed to developing globally usable products as we address the needs of manufacturers across the world. Our goal is to enable anyone to use machines safely, as we believe this is the right way to simultaneously maximize workplace safety and productivity.

  • Gemba-centric human resource development determines the state of manufacturing a decade from now

    Gemba-centric human resource development determines the state of manufacturing a decade from now

    Manufacturing starts with human resource development. A decade from now, stable production will need to be maintained no matter how the world's population structure changes. To make this happen, we are committed to fostering manufacturing leaders.

  • Taking on the manufacturing innovation challenge through

    Taking on the manufacturing innovation challenge through "one and only" control technology that is beyond the norm.

    What makes it possible to create such a technology that companies at the forefront of manufacturing are eager to adopt?

  • Establishment of Omron Corporate Governance Policies

    Establishment of OMRON Corporate Governance Policies

    We are committed to sustainably increasing our long-term value by putting Our Mission and Values into practice

    Fumio Tateishi, Chairman
  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Fulfilling the desire of everyone to stay healthy longer

    Living a long, healthy life is a universal desire among people everywhere. So why not start managing your health at home to maintain good health and prevent disease? We will do our utmost to support your efforts.

  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Maximizing energy efficiency for sustainable growth

    With our desire to bring electricity closer to people's lives, we strive to promote more efficient use of electricity and help realize a brighter future for households and production sites alike.

  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    A factory that makes a "highly personalized choice" possible

    Through our contribution to manufacturing innovation, we are ready to meet retailers' need to quickly display products that people desire, in turn helping people to enjoy more freedom in their choice of lifestyle.

  • Harmony between people and technology

    Delivering the joy and freedom of owning a car

    A car can be an important partner for the driver, whether it's discovering a new sightseeing spot, or fulfilling a long-held dream of landing a key client. To make this happen, we are determined to make cars safer and more friendly to people and the environment.

  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Aerial Imaging — a guidepost on our path to the future

    Only the one who has taken the lead in driving the advancement of displays can see the society to come and envision the convenience that it will offer.

  • Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Improved traffic flow makes a better world

    Only a traffic management system suitable for each specific country, region, or city can change the flow of people and goods—that is what we believe.

  • Harmony between hurman and technology

    Harmony between human and machines

    The robot hits the ball so it's easy to return. Why?