"innovative-Automation" Revitalizing the manufacturing industry
by teaching machines to be self-aware, understand people and cooperate.

Creating a future where machines work cooperatively at manufacturing sites.

Worldwide people's needs are diverse and product life cycles are short.To accommodate these modern trends manufacturing sites must be agile, with the ability to change or update a production line at short notice. At OMRON, we are developing the future of manufacturing where people and machinery can cooperate. Our various solutions are designed to improve efficiency and allow for flexible production line redesign.

"innovative-Automation" represents OMRON's vision of a revitalized manufacturing industry.

True craftmanship is always evident. Production line machines must evolve and learn continuously. Machines must understand and assist their operators. "innovative-Automation" is a strategic concept representing OMRON's commitment to value. There are three core principles to "innovative-Automation", integrated evolution, intelligence and interactivity. It is OMRON's goal to improve manufacturing plants through these ideas.

※ "innovative-Automation" is OMRON's concept name for the value provided by our solutions. We work to improve manufacturing sites through the principles of integration, intelligence and interactivity.

integrated -evolution in control-

OMRON's wide product lineup can be seamlessly integrated on both the software and hardware level allowing production facilities to easily realize innovative manufacturing systems with ultra-fast control systems and ultra-high precision.

intelligent -intelligence development-

Blending control and information allows for significant improvements to productivity and quality. AI control systems can predict both product and equipment failure from the wealth of data generated by the IoT-compatible sensors located throughout the production line. It is one of OMRON's future goals to develop a production line which is immune to downtime caused by system failure and has a defect rate of zero.

PICKUP"i-BELT" is OMRON's IoT service platform designed to accelerate "intelligence" gathering at manufacturing sites through the integration of control and information systems.

"i-BELT" is an IoT service which is designed to easy collect, analyze and use data from various control equipment located at manufacturing sites. IoT and AI technology is used to enhance the "intelligence" which can be gained from the production floor.

  • 1. Easily collect onsite data from manufacturing locations
    We offer systems and support for clients wishing to use IoT at their facilities to easily collect and analyze data from various types of control systems, including those using different data formats.
  • 2. Monitoring and analysis to support improvements at manufacturing sites.
    OMRON's systems offer insights into the state of facilities and processes at manufacturing sites. With our data analysis software, we can offer advice on equipment maintenance and quality improvement.
  • 3. Machine control feedback.
    AI systems are installed on the facility's automation controllers, robots etc. Through real-time analysis of motor signals, we monitor for abnormalities and offer insights on how to improve the quality of the end product through adjustments to the various components of the production line.

The mechanism of the "i-BELT" platform for IoT services.

interactive - New harmonization between humans and machines -

A mobile robot that can recognize people and obstacles and move autonomously. Interactive machines can understand the movement of a person and make their best effort to move to avoid them. Simple tasks such as transportation can safely be left to these machines. An example of such a system is a robot designed to deliver packages to a fixed location while automatically avoiding people or obstacles in its path. The robot can identify its own position by comparing the results from a laser distance scanner with an onboard map.
The system is able to avoid people and obstacles in real-time while carrying a maximum load of 130Kg.

Sensing & Control + ThinkCreating the future of manufacturing.

A manufacturing site where the machines understand the operator's intentions and physical condition and move to support them.
Maintenance time is reduced and reliability is greatly increased.
Human staff can focus on creative, enjoyable endeavors such as creating new products to manufacture while the machines take care of the production.
OMRON is working on technology to re-envision manufacturing plants around the world.