2. Social Solutions

Social Solutions

Solving climate change presents many challenges,
one of which is the shift to renewable energy.
OMRON will continue to promote renewable energy in order
to help sustain the infrastructure of digital society.

Social Values We Create

Distribute and make efficient use of renewable energy and sustainability of infrastructure in a digital society

Social Challenges

  • Carbon Neutrality

  • Digital Transformation

OMRON has helped increase the use of solar power, and will continue to help the adoption of renewable energy by eliminating instability in power generation with advanced energy control technology.
In Social Infrastructure, OMRON supports operation and maintenance via it’s extensive knowledge and service network that covers all of Japan.
We will continue to innovate in operation and maintenance processes with management and services that support the efficient operation of on-site systems

What we aim
to achieve

  • Stabilization of power generation by integrated control of distributed energy

  • Establishment and remote operation of technological infrastructure management systems with a combination of OT and IT

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