2. Device & Module Solutions

Device &

Since it was formed, OMRON has continually refined its
technology for connecting and disconnecting electricity,
and has achieved high performance in relays and switches.
We will continue to make safety improvements in DC equipment, and to contribute to the spread of high-speed communications.

Social Values We Create

Distribute new energy and high speed communication

Social Challenges

  • Carbon Neutrality

  • Digital Transformation

OMRON has always incorporated a wide range of high performance relays and switches into the electrical connections of customer’s products.
All types of equipment will now be converted to Direct Current, due to the introduction of energy with low environmental impact. Alongside this change, OMRON will create safety devices that control electrical discharges and detect fault timing in order to prevent fire and electric shocks.
With the spread of high-speed communications, OMRON will create high frequency compatible devices that enable “uninterrupted connectivity” to improve noise immunity and mass production using the microfabrication technology it has developed over the years.

What we aim
to achieve

  • Creation of devices that enhance the safety of DC equipment

  • Creation of devices that stabilize high-speed communications

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