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Basic Switches

Miniature Basic Switches (V-Size)
Miniature Basic Switches 27.8W×10.3D×15.9H
Subminiature Basic Switches (S-Size)
Subminiature Basic Switches 19.8W×6.4D×10.2H
Ultra Subminiature Basic Switches (J-Size)
Ultra Subminiature Basic Switches 12.8W×5.8D×6.5H
Sealed Basic Switches
Sealed switch against water spray or excessive dust
Basic Switches (Z-Size)
Basic Switches 49.2W×17.5D×21.8H
Basic Switch Common Accessories
Common Accessories for Basic Switches

Detection Switches

Detection Switches
General purpose detection switches
Surface Mount Detection Switches
Ultra subminiature SMD detection switches

Door Switches/Power Switches

Miniature Door Switches
Switches to detect door open/close
Power/Door Switches
Switches to detect door open/close and to cut the power supply of industrial equipment.

Limit Switches

Limit Switches
Rugged detection switches with a protective structure that withstands use in tough factory-floor conditions.

Safety Switches

Safety Switches
Switches to detect when mechanical guards or covers are closed and emergency stop switches.

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches(Standard Types)
Tactile swithes for various operation panel
Tactile Switches(Illuminated Types)
Compact construction with bright and uniform illumination
Tactile Switches(Sealed Types)
Dust proof tactile switch by sealed construction
Tactile Switches(SMD Types)
SMD tactile switch suitable for high density mounting
Tactile Switches(Hinged Types)
Hinged design developed through ergonomics
Key tops for Tactile switches
Key tops for B3F, B3W and B3FS

Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches
Miniature power switches for high capacity switching suitable for home appliances and office equipment.

Pushbutton Switches/Indicators

Small Pushbutton Switches/Small Indicators
Small pushbutton switches and indicators with 8 to 12mm diameter
Pushbutton Switches/Indicators
Pushbutton switches and indicators with 15 to 30mm diameter

Toggle/Pushbutton Switches

Toggle Switches
Ultra subminiature toggle switches
Pushbutton Switches
Ultra subminiature pushbutton switches

DIP Switches

DIP Switches (Slide Types)
DIP switch for various setting devices
DIP Switches(Piano Types)
DIP switch with up and down operation
DIP Switches(Rotary Types)
Rotary DIP switch suitable for channel setting

Thumbwheel Switches

Thumbwheel Switches
Switches for setting with character dial is turned to switch an actuator and set a value.

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