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OMRON Global CES2019

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Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall2
Jan 8 - 11, 2019

Our Business

Industrial Automation

As an industrial automation pioneer, OMRON promotes technological innovation in manufacturing to meet and exceed quality, safety, and environmental requirements around the globe.


OMRON's spectrum of healthcare equipment and solutions, ranging from digital blood pressure monitors and asthma nebulizers to low frequency therapeutics, addresses key medical challenges to improve your quality of life.

Automotive Electronics

We are focused on improving transportation systems to make the world a safer and more environmentally friendly place. Zero accidents. Zero traffic congestion.

Social Systems

We provide a diverse range of seamless transportation and infrastructure solutions such as automated ticketing gates and traffic control systems, bringing you maximum comfort and convenience in everyday life.

Environmental Solutions

Our environmentally friendly energy management solutions are designed to provide affordable, stable, sustainable energy sources worldwide.

Mechanical Components

We pride ourselves in high-performance mechanical components found in everyday consumer devices and electronics.

CES 2019 Booth Info

CES 2019 Booth Info