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Robotics Marketplace at
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Jan 9 - 12, 2018


OMRON's emergence on the global stage of pioneering robotics was a resounding success. Visitors to CES had immersive opportunities to experience the exciting possibilities of our innovative solutions in automation, mobility, energy, and healthcare. And FORPHEUS took the show as a leading platform in human-machine integration, inspiring industry drivers from across the spectrum.


"Meet FORPHEUS, your perfect rally partner."

FORPHEUS represents the latest evolution of OMRON's artificial intelligence and robotics technology. Experience how these come together to enhance and extend human capabilities.

Using OMRON's AI technology, FORPHEUS illustrates the ability of machines to help humans develop table tennis skill and potential.


    Maximize production efficiency with our state-of-the-art factory automation solution. We deliver the optimal harmony of human and AI capabilities.


    Our mobility solution provides transportation safety and comfort. "Zero traffic congestion and accidents" is our ultimate goal.


    OMRON is dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly energy sources to preserve the fine balance between people and nature.


    OMRON blood pressure monitor with built-in electrocardiogram (EKG) by Alivecor technology helps you and your physician to make a better decision on prevention and treatment.

Reviews and Comments

"OMRON's mobility technology will have to be mandatory. We all need the road to be safer."
- Hector Rodriguez - Owner & CEO, OpTic Gaming
"OMRON is a true leader in harmonizing automation and technology with people. That's the key difference."
- Glen Gilmore - Instructor of Emerging Technologies, Rutgers University Executive Programs
"FORPHEUS ties everything in CES together with robotics and AI. It's all about making humans more productive."
- Tom Soderstrom - Chief Technology & Innovation Officer For IT, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"I was really surprised by OMRON's technological performance. It's pushing innovation and the next step in robotics."
- Booth Visitor -

CES Video Gallery

  • OMRON's Welcome to CES 2018

  • OMRON's evolution of robotics technology: Forpheus at CES 2018

  • The Future of Humans and Machines

  • Mobility solutions making roads safer

  • Why our technology excites NASA

  • Visitors react to our technology

  • Technology YouTuber likes his laser marked ball

  • The human experience with Forpheus

“OMRON helps people and robots work together in harmony.”

“I’m the current chief technical officer of OMRON Adept where I've been working for almost twenty years now. Throughout my time working here I've seen OMRON's automation technology evolve to the point where "Sensing & Control + Think" now allows us to manufacture robots to not only have an unrivaled sense of the world around them, but also the intelligence to process that data and use it to optimize their duties. OMRON's automation technology provides seamless interaction and collaboration with workers on the manufacturing floor enabling robots to perform simple repetitive tasks, which allow our clients to better allocate human resources and drive productivity.”

Deron Jackson



“Sensing & Control
+ Think”

OMRON’s core technology specializes in AI and IoT (Sensing & Control + Think). Watch our video to find out more.

Our Business

Industrial Automation

As an industrial automation pioneer, OMRON promotes technological innovation in manufacturing to meet and exceed quality, safety, and environmental requirements around the globe.

Mechanical Components

We pride ourselves in high-performance mechanical components found in everyday consumer devices and electronics.

Social Systems

We provide a diverse range of seamless transportation and infrastructure solutions such as automated ticketing gates and traffic control systems, bringing you maximum comfort and convenience in everyday life.


OMRON's spectrum of healthcare equipment and solutions, ranging from digital blood pressure monitors and asthma nebulizers to low frequency therapeutics, addresses key medical challenges to improve your quality of life.

Environmental Solutions

Our environmentally friendly energy management solutions are designed to provide affordable, stable, sustainable energy sources worldwide.

CES 2018 Booth Info

CES 2018 Booth Info