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A3AAPushbutton Switch (Lighted/Non-Lighted)
A3ATPushbutton Switch (Lighted/Non-Lighted)
A3CAPushbutton Switch (Lighted/Non-Lighted)
A3CJPushbutton Switch (Lighted/Non-Lighted)
A3CTPushbutton Switch (Lighted/Non-Lighted)
A3DALighted Pushbutton Switch
A3DJLighted Pushbutton Switch
A3DTLighted Pushbutton Switch
A6 A6ASealed Rotary DIP Switch
A6CSealed Rotary DIP Switch
A6CVSealed Rotary DIP Switch
A6DSealed Slide DIP Switch
A6DRSealed Piano DIP Switch
A6E-NSlide DIP Switch
A6ERPiano DIP Switch
A6HSlide DIP Switch (SMT Half-pitch)
A6HFSlide DIP Switch (SMT Half-pitch)
A6HRPiano DIP Switch (SMT Half-pitch)
A6KMiniature Rotary DIP Switch
A6KSMiniature Rotary DIP Switch
A6KSVMiniature Rotary DIP Switch
A6KVMiniature Rotary DIP Switch
A6RRotary DIP Switch
A6RSRotary DIP Switch (SMT)
A6RVRotary DIP Switch
A6S-HSlide DIP Switch (SMT)
A6SNSlide DIP Switch (SMT)
A6SRPiano DIP Switch (SMT)
A6TSlide DIP Switch
A6TNSlide DIP Switch
A6TRPiano DIP Switch
A8 A8ARocker Switch
A8GReset Rocker Switch
A8GSRemote Reset Rocker Switch
A8GS-TDelay OFF Rocker Switch
A8LMiniature Rocker Switch
A8MMiniature Rocker Switch
A8NDual-pushbutton switch
A8WPanel seal Rocker Switch
A9 A9PSUltra subminiature Pushbutton Switch
A9TSUltra subminiature Toggle Switch
A16 A16Pushbutton Switch (Detachable) (Non-Lighted)
(Cylindrical 16-dia.)
A16LPushbutton Switch (Detachable) (Lighted)
(Cylindrical 16-dia.)
A165Pushbutton Switch (Detachable) (Non-Lighted)
(Cylindrical 16-dia.)
A165LPushbutton Switch (Detachable) (Lighted)
(Cylindrical 16-dia.)

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